We plan on posting the formal papers from the court case on this link.  They will usually require Acrobat Reader.  The most recent will be at the top of the list.  If a file is larger than 100 KB, we=ll note that, in case you don=t want to download something that big.  So far, the papers have not been filed with the court.  That is allowed under the North Dakota rules.


     Most recent event:


     040416 -- Gosbee serves Rule 11 motion.  Martinson’s answer says that he should be dismissed from the lawsuit because he was an employee or officer of the corporate defendants.  Even so, he is still personally liable for his wrong-doing.  We believe it was frivolous to claim that Martinson shouldn’t be in the lawsuit.  Rule 11 prohibits frivolous papers.  So, we’ve served a motion asking them to withdraw the claim that Martinson cannot be held personally liable.  If that claim isn’t withdrawn in 3 weeks, we can ask the court to decide that the argument was frivolous.


05 -- Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions -- 040416


04 -- Answer of Defendant -- 040412 (about 604 KB)


03 -- Sheriff’s Return and Receipt -- 040324 (about 387 KB)


02 -- Complaint -- 040308 (about 336 KB)


01 -- Summons -- 040308